Reflexology New Zealand

Reflexology New Zealand (RNZ) is the National Reflexology Association for Professional Reflexologists. We operate as a non-profit, professional body to support our members by providing professional standards, opportunities to learn and share knowledge and provide other membership services. RNZ is affiliated with Natural Health Practitioners NZ (NHPNZ).

All Reflexology New Zealand Professional members are registered, fully qualified reflexologists. This ensures that your practitioner has satisfied important criteria in relation to professional knowledge, training and continued education, and is bound by the code of ethics and code of practice set down by Reflexology New Zealand.

We are represented throughout New Zealand by our regional groups.



Regarding Covid and reflexology:   Please contact  your practitioner to learn how they are operating during this period   For all other Covid queries please check the govt's response here

What People Say About Reflexology

  • Reflexology is the best I have tried. It helps me to release stress and the sore points of my body after a hard day of construction work. It helps me sleep better and have more energy.
    Shane | Auckland
  • My reflexologist was kind and professional and I always felt relaxed while receiving treatments. She was also very thorough with her consultations and note taking. Her treatments are gentle and non invasive, her studio was always warm and inviting.
  • I get a boost every time I have a reflexology treatment, and sleep better. Reflexology has been a big help since my two major surgeries last year. Reflexology is very beneficial and I look forward to it every 3 - 4 weeks on our lifestyle block.
    George - Papakura Auckland

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