About Reflexology NZ

New Zealand’s National Reflexology Association

Reflexology New Zealand is the National Reflexology Association for Professional Reflexologists in New Zealand and is affiliated to the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners. RNZ operates as a non-profit, non-political, professional body to support its members.

Historically there were two Reflexology Associations NZRA and NZIR in New Zealand. The committees of these two Associations decided to amalgamate in 2001 to form RNZ.

When a Practitioner applies for Professional membership their qualifications are examined and accreditation certificates issued when they meet the education standards. By choosing a Professional member of Reflexology New Zealand the public are offered reassurance that their care is being provided by a qualified Practitioner. Other membership categories include Affiliate and Student, membership is open to anyone with an interest in Reflexology.


The Professional body of Reflexology New Zealand Incorporated (RNZ) is committed to achieving excellence in the delivery of Reflexology by its members, as a healthcare modality of beneficial contribution, to the New Zealand community.

RNZ professional members are supported to develop and maintain high standards of reflective practice through ongoing education, research, communication, peer support and professional registration.



The Code Of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is designed to encourage integrity and responsibility in the practice and teaching of Reflexology, to uphold and further the status and dignity of both the profession and Reflexology New Zealand Incorporated.

  1. PURPOSE: Reflexologists shall as a first priority, practice their profession for the benefit and well being of the clients.
  2. CLEAR UNDERSTANDING: Clients have the right to have the modality clearly explained and the nature of outcomes and expectations discussed.
  3. PRIVACY: The privacy and confidentiality of clients shall be respected at all times, unless a legal duty of disclosure operates.
  4. SCOPE OF PRACTICE: Reflexologists shall practice within the limits of their professional training and competency. Reflexologists may not make a diagnosis or any claims to cure. Referrals to other health practitioners may be made when considered necessary.
  5. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Reflexologists are required to build and improve upon their professional knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and available treatment can be given to clients.
  6. ADVERTISING: Any advertising and media promotion about reflexology must be carried out within the boundaries of the Code of Ethics and the Advertising Act.
  7. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: The practitioner’s qualifications, Accreditation Certificate, Annual practicing Certificate, Code of Practice and Code of Ethics must be displayed in the practice area of the Reflexologist.


Any person who considers the above code of ethics has been breached should address their complaint in writing to:

Secretary@reflexology.nz or President@reflexology.nz

When to use Reflexology?

The Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is designed to set the minimum Standards, which are expected to be maintained by members of Reflexology New Zealand Incorporated. Clients who attend an accredited Reflexologist may expect a professional approach and this should be reflected in all aspects of the practice.

  1. PREMISES: The premises or practice area and environment must be clean, adequately lit, properly ventilated and in a good state of general repair. Toilet facilities should be available.
  2. HYGIENE: Reflexologists must present a high standard of health and personal hygiene. Reflexologists must apply the elements of public hygiene and local safety by-laws.
  3. RECORDS: Suitable records must be maintained with the names of clients, addresses, treatment details and other relevant information. The records must be kept in a secure place to maintain confidentiality.
  4. LIMITATION OF TREATMENT: Reflexologists are expected to practice and give advice only within the confines of their specialist knowledge.
  5. INSURANCE: Adequate professional insurance must be held by all practising members.
  6. QUALIFICATION: The practitioner’s qualifications, Accreditation Certificate, Annual Practicing Certificate, Code of Practice and Code of Ethics, must be displayed in the practice area of the Reflexologist.

Any person who considers the above code of ethics has been breached should address their complaint in writing to:

secretary@reflexology.nz or president@reflexology.nz