Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy – Lee Anthony Taylor Christchurch

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05/11/2019 10:00 - 25/01/2020 15:00

Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy - Lee Anthony Taylor Christchurch

The Haven
Address: Church Square Addington Christchurch

A One-day postgraduate course with

Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy™

Saturday 25 January 2020, Christchurch

Working entirely on the sides of the feet, Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy™ uses 72 precise reflex points that powerfully move stagnation from deep within the body.

This revolutionary perspective gives the reflexologist access to previously unexplored territory. We now have the whole body mapped out in the three planes and so there is no longer anywhere for illness to hide!

What is it
We have longitudinal zones, transverse zones and coronal zones to access reflex points in the body. It is in this third key area that I have concentrated my efforts over the last twenty years and developed the method known as Coronal Zone Reflex Therapy™. Working in this plane allows therapists access deeper inside the ‘core’ of the body, releasing the patient from longstanding stagnation.

The day will focus on examining the theory and philosophy behind the technique, and will give the therapist the opportunity to practise this simplistic and highly effective treatment process. The student should be able to incorporate it immediately into their existing programmes of work and allow the reflexologist to immediately see ideal situations within their own practice where this work will be both powerful and effective.

This light-touch approach is perfect for children or those who do not like their feet touched since it requires very little pressure to bring about its life-changing effects. Feel the buzz straight away!

Lee Anthony Taylor comes back to his second home, Christchurch, for this one-day intensive introductory seminar with a powerful form of therapy delivered in his inimitable teaching style. Don’t miss it!

10am -5pm
Price $150 (excludes lunch)

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