Meet the National Council

President – Maria White MRNZ

My passion for Reflexology started over 22 years ago when I was looking at Natural therapies to help my daughter with health issues.

Since then I have continued studying Natural Health and now have qualifications in many styles of Reflexology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Psychosomatics and my learning still continues. I have recently become involved with a new scientific break-through in Redox technology.

My clinic is in Christchurch and I work there 3 days a week, I also work as a Customer Service officer for the other 2 days.

I became a Professional member of Reflexology New Zealand in 2003. Since this time I have been a core member of Southern Reflexology Group in Christchurch and have had one year on Council in 2008 as Treasurer.

When to use Reflexology?

Vice-President – Suzanne Gibbs

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Suzanne Gibbs

Treasurer – Vicki Scott

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Secretary – Dorothy Derecourt

I first became interested in reflexology when in my early 20's I was given Anne Gillanders book "The Joy of Reflexology" from a dear friend. I started practising on family and friends, (who are always brilliant guinea pigs), trying to follow the charts,then I got busy with raising my boys and did nothing further about learning reflexology. Then around 20 years later, while staying with and helping out my niece with her newborn baby, I decided to download some reflexology charts and give her a little bit of pampering by way of giving her some reflexology.

Her breast reflexes on both feet were incredibly sensitive, which was to me, much more than just a coincidence. This led to an "Oprah – A-ha" moment. I wanted to learn more about reflexology, as a way to helping family and friends. Reflexology made perfect sense to me. In 2011, I discovered Viv Bachelor’s newly formed Waikato School of Reflexology and I became her first student. I learned (among other things) that Reflexology is a wonderful way to assist others in a practical and caring way. I have learned so much from Viv, including new skills to put in my "toolbox". Reflexology has also ignited my passion to continue to learn other modalities to build up my skill base and practice.

In September 2015 I decided to become a professional member. This was a huge decision for me as, like a lot of us, I work full time in another job, so do not have a lot of time to dedicate to my reflexology. I am very pleased with my decision to join, as I have a lot more access to training opportunities, there is a support base through the Facebook private RNZ members page, and best of all... have made some lovely reflexology friends along the way.

In May 2016, at the Waihi Conference (after only being a professional member for a few months), I volunteered to be Secretary. So my reflexology journey continues as being part of Reflexology New Zealand and the RNZ Council.

Membership – Annamarie Huckin

I received my Aromaflex Diploma in 2010 and my Itec Diploma in 2013 through Aromaflex Academy in Nelson. I became interested in Natural therapies after years of ill health.

I believe inReflexology's amazing ability to relax, balance and boost the body’s own natural healing abilities. I am also trained in Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy. I offer a part-time Mobile Holistic therapy service in the West Auckland Area.

I live in Titirangi with my Husband and I love walking, cycling, reading and learning new things.I look forward to welcoming all new members to Reflexology New Zealand and supporting my fellow council members.

Anna Marie Huckin

Reflexscene and Communications – Viv Batchelor


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Research Coordinator – Wendy James


CPD Coordinator- Cathy Searle




Marketing Co-ordinator – Karen Philipsen Brown