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Karen Phillipsen-Brown

I LOVE Reflexology!  Both giving AND receiving.  Reflexology is part of my own self help tool kit as well. I love to talk about reflexology, to individuals, community groups and teach it in schools.  You may find me on the football sidelines holding someone’s hand working pressure points or giving tips to a group any time, any place, anywhere.  That is the beauty of reflexology.

As a second generation reflexologist I am lucky enough to experience this amazing therapy since the early 80’s with my mum, Cobi Philipsen in Scotland.  Following university, and a career running various leisure centres in Scotland, by sheer default in 1998 I did a reflexology diploma with the British School of Reflexology.  Since then so many therapeutic courses have been added to my tool kit , continually learning more how the body works biologically and energetically to enhance the healing process.  Reflexology is still the best with a couple of very close seconds especially colour and aura work.  I mostly work in my own clinic and have worked corporately throughout the years.  My biggest adventure was bringing a Stress Management package including Reflexology to every staff member in a Nuclear Power Station. (A mere 600 staff, that’s a lot of feet! )

I have been involved with Reflexology New Zealand since 2009 active within The Auckland Reflexology and Waikato Reflexology Group and on National Council or in a national role since 2013.  Marketing is my passion and I coined the phrase “Let’s make Reflexology a Household Name”.  2021 saw me as VP growing to the President’s Role in 2022.  

Reflexology New Zealand is one of the best organisations I have come upon in terms of passion, dedication and love of this natural therapy.  I am proud to belong to this National Body and excited to be taking on a leading role in its continual development within NZ.  I love seeing other reflexologists develop and by working together in Regional Groups and Nationally more and more people will experience reflexology and realise the benefits it has to bring.  A win/win for all concerned.  I am always happy and keen to work with others regarding how we can develop.

Let’s Make Reflexology a Household Name NZ!

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Kerry Le-Galloudec

"Kerry came to NZ in 2011 from the UK. Kerry trained in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and has been practising for 20 years. It was the success of Kerry’s mum with reflexology treatment that inspired her to study. Kerry was President of RNZ from 2016 to 2018. She recently moved from Auckland to Napier so is just finding her feet in Hawkes Bay quite literally. Fortunately, thanks to the RNZ family and camaraderie she already has reflexology friends to help her settle in. Kerry heard the cry for help and has stepped up to guide and assist Karen in the President Role. An earth angel showing love for RNZ in a time of need.

Kerry Le Galloudec – Footloose Reflexology


Christine Thesiger

Christine, another repeat Council member having been treasurer in 2016 to 2018.  She set up the accounting system back then and is once again back in the helm.   Christine trained with Winifred Gleddell 30 years ago and later sat A&P to become a Professional member.  Christine has a passion for our reflexology community and is a very active member of the Auckland Group being their Treasurer for 25 years.  Christine currently doesn’t practice reflexology (only with family and friends) but would love to start seeing clients.  Having overcome her challenge with dyslexia she assists others to tackle their own challenges.  From frequent discussions she has discovered there are many dyslexics amongst us, to varying degrees, our new President included.    

If you haven’t received your invoice or can’t find it, please email Christine and she will resend a copy to you.

Christine Thesiger


Dorothy Derecourt


Dorothy is no stranger to this role having been Secretary on Council 2016 to 2019 and Communications 2019 to 2020.  Dorothy is from Ngaruawahia, having trained with Viv Batchelor (she was her first student), at the Waikato School of Reflexology and has been practicing since 2011.  She practices very low key as family life and a full time job keep her super busy.  Her passion for Reflexology and her continued learning shines through and she is heavily invovled with the Waikato Reflexology Group.

Dorothy will send out your shoutout’s and newsletters, keeps in touch with regional groups, Bizcover, our sponsors for discounts (professional membership benefit only) and communicates any questions you may have about RNZ to the correct Council member.You can email Dorothy at .

Dorothy-Derecourt Reflexologist


Lisa Campbell


Communications – POSITION VACANT if you would like to take on this role and you are a member of RNZ contact Secretary for more info

Education Coordinator

Dawn Braim


Volunteering for the education role has proved to be a wonderful opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. I am a lifelong learner and passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to utilise development and growth opportunities. My personal mantra comes from Byrant McGill, “Everyone and everything is your teacher unless you are a poor student” and embodies my view of the world. 

I have previously had the pleasure of working as a nurse in both England and Hong Kong, prior to our permanent move to New Zealand in 2005. I have worked in a variety of educational roles over the years developing, implementing and evaluating curriculum material including supporting adults and children in a variety of settings to achieve positive educational outcomes. 

My interest in complimentary therapies started with my love of Reiki, until of course I discovered Reflexology. 

I recently graduated from my Reflexology diploma in 2020 with the Waikato School of Reflexology. In addition to my Reflexology diploma, I also hold a life coaching and corporate wellness diploma and my passion lies in education, mental health and wellbeing. 

I’m now excited to take on the challenge of setting up my own business in the sunny Bay of Plenty.  Who would have thought I would be working with feet for a living! 

I am excited to see what the future holds within this role and look forward to meeting you.

Research Coordinator

Kelly Woods

CPD Coordinator


Nicki Lampon

As webmaster it is my responsiblity to keep this website updated and current.  If you are a member and see that some information is not current feel free to email me.

Nicki Lampon Bay Reflexology

Marketing Co-ordinator

Yvonne Harvey

Hi! I got involved with Reflexology after working as a caregiver in a Resthome. I was feeling frustrated with all the medications the elderly were on, so I started looking into natural therapies and remedies to help give the elderly a less medicated life. 

In 2010 I completed my Diploma in Reflexology and I became a Professional member of RNZ, while starting my Home based Natural Therapy Business on the outskirts of Nelson. Starting, with Reflexology and then adding Massage, Ortho Bionomy and Reiki over the following few years has completed the therapies I wish to offer. 

In 2015 my husband and I went to Western Australia for a 3 year stint with one of our son’s and his family. I continued my natural therapy business over there, sharing rooms with a chiropractor.

We returned back to Nelson in June 2019, in time for the RNZ conference in Nelson and I have now set up my clinic/business in Tahunanui, Nelson.

Being on National Council enables me to support all RNZ council members and members to the best of my abilities. I plan to help bring Reflexology to the fore front of every New Zealander.

All the best to you all in Reflexology

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