Christine Thesiger

Since training many years ago, Christine thoroughly enjoys being a Professional Reflexologist and pursuing it as a part-time practitioner, encouraging clients to be well – naturally. As a client you may benefit from a calm mind, reduced stress and tension levels, enabling you to feel relaxed and with improvement to your overall health. Take a little time to look after yourself, improve your circulation and revitalise your energy levels.

Christine is also trained in foot joint mobilisation – relief for feet that hurt to stand or walk on. This method reduces reliance on orthotics, relieves pain caused by bunions or planter fasciitis, or damage due to active life usage. This is a precise, mechanical method of encouraging the joints in feet to become more flexible and the 28 bones in each foot to correctly align themselves.

To book an appointment please contact Christine on 021 027 32461 or email:

Christine Thesiger

  • MOBILE : 021 027 32461
    Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland

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