Doreth van Doveren

Uplift with Reflexology

Doreth has years of personal and professional experience in holistic health, “I consider it a privilege to share my passion for reflexology to help others realise their optimum health.”

She qualified for her Reflexology Diploma through the Auckland School of Reflexology.

Reflexology treatments can alleviate stress and Doreth has noticed that most people who come for a treatment leave feeling better. This amazing modality may also help people recover from a variety of health-related issues.

When choosing a Natural Therapy to support regaining good health, Doreth considers reflexology to be deeply relaxing, aiming to restore health and boost wellbeing by promoting the body’s own power to self-heal.

Doreth is a Prenatal yoga teacher (certified). In this capacity she can suggest to the pregnant client ways in which reflexology can help support alleviating maternity discomforts, such as sleeplessness, sciatica, and bladder problems. During the treatment, time can also be spent on hormonal balancing and, when required, a lymphatic treatment.

She also provides reflexology treatments for patients in the care of Mid-Northland Hospice, Kerikeri.

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