Julia Mander

Auckland Reflexology Clinic

Julia sees clients for a wide range of general conditions but also specialises in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. Her signature treatment is Ayurvedic Reflexology, which works on a much deeper level and she often incorporates it into her fertility protocols. Julia is also a qualified Fertility Homeopath and women/couples often choose to have Homeopathic treatment alongside reflexology to enhance their chances of conception. Julia finds it a great privilege to help many women conceive naturally.

Julia also offers courses for other reflexologists, doulas and midwives who are interested to use homeopathic remedies in their practice.


Julia gained her Reflexology Diplomas in the UK in 2014.  She has since done extensive post graduate training in specialised areas of Reflexology, Fertility, Ayurvedic  and Hot Stone Reflexology

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