Liz trained as a Reflexologist in NZ through the Auckland School of Reflexology subsequent to 35 years in nursing, midwifery, maternal – infant health, mental health care and ten years as a Life Coach. She is also trained by the Gawler Cancer Foundation as a Mindfulness instructor and has an extensive background as a trauma – informed practitioner. 

With Reflexology as her primary tools, she provides support for many different physical conditions and for deep relaxation. She is experienced in treating clients with a wide range of conditions, including digestive disorders, autoimmune and immune disorders, fatigue, stress, overwhelm, anxiety (including pregnancy and birth anxiety), depression, and PTSD and pain. She is able to tailor Reflexology, or a combination of Reflexology and Coaching to the client’s individual needs. 

Liz has a particular interest in reflexology for mental health, pregnancy anxiety and fatigue and birth stress and her goal is that - whatever their challenge - her clients are able to navigate life’s inevitable physical, emotional and mental challenges with more ease.

Her mission is to provide outstanding support and care to people through all life stages through the use of this powerful therapy.

Liz can be seen at clinics in Silverdale or Stanmore Bay on the Hibiscus Coast or during her monthly clinics in the Rotorua / Tarawera areas. She is available for house calls, workplace visits or group events by prior arrangement. Liz provides talks to schools, community and corporate groups.

Location: Hibiscus Coast (Auckland) and Rotorua

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