Suzanne Gibbs

Reflexology 4U

Working primarily on the feet I incorporate intuitive listening to the bodies messages and find confirmation in the reflexes on the feet of body systems and reflexes that are out of balance. All ages from conception to spirit benefit from Reflexology treatments and every aspect of health from the ultra fit to terminal disease will feel advantages from professional Reflexology treatments.

Many long awaited babies have been conceived after regular focused Reflexology treatments. Reflexology is often continued through to a balanced delivery and a calm happy mother and baby. Reflexology assists the body’s inbuilt healing processes to eliminate toxins, balance digestive disorders, promote lymph drainage and strengthen the immune system, to name just a few processes.

RNZ member

  • MOBILE : 021 289 2004
  • LANDLINE : 03 981 2004
    115 Hastings Street East
    Sydenham, CHRISTCHURCH

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