Regional Groups

Reflexology New Zealand is represented throughout New Zealand by regional groups. To learn more about each group, please contact the appropriate representative.

Judith Howe

Auckland – Judith Howe

Waikato – Mel Keighley

Cathy Caldwell

Manawatu – Cathy Caldwell

nicola taylor

Wellington – Nicola Taylor

Nelson – June Stewart

Maria White RNZ President

Southern/Christchurch – Maria White

Cathy of Southern Therapies School

Heartland – Cathy Searle

Area support

There are no regional groups yet in the following areas, but the people below can be contacted for support:

Fiona Sefton

Bay of Plenty – Fiona Sefton

Nicki Lampon Bay Reflexology

Hawke’s Bay – Nicki Lampon


Dunedin – Heather Johnson

When to use Reflexology?